Dean Ellis has worked as a Physiotherapist in Sports Medicine for over 20 years including personally looking after Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt on the World ATP Professional Tennis tour. This included helping these former No. 1 players compete at Wimbledon, French Open, U.S Open and The Australian open.
He has world wide experience in professional care at sports tournaments having being involved at the Sydney ATP World Tennis Tournament where he was the lead Physiotherapist for over 18 years.He now consults to the World ATP Tennis tour and Tennis Australia.

He has worked with The Australian Davis Cup Team as a member of the Medical Team.

Dean has also been involved with our Australian Olympic Rowing Medical Team providing Musculoskeletal Examinations/Screening to our Olympic athletes prior to final selection.

Dean enjoys helping people with all types of injuries including work injuries and motor vehicle injuries and is a preferred provider to many private health funds.
His treatments are specifically outlined and explained in simple terms for all the family (adults and children) that may require his services.This may be for general aches and pains all the way up to complicated joint reconstruction rehabilitation.

Dean has access to the best GPs, Orthopaedic, Neurological, Radiological and Sports specialists for the very best of care.

Outside of work Dean enjoys travelling with his wife and two children and he also enjoys staying active by swimming at any opportunity and playing tennis or golf for fun.
Dean welcomes everyone into PhysioCare where you will not feel rushed, get professional advice and get you to your best possible level of activity.
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